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SALUTE WALKING SERVICES provides a premium dog walking service that provides you relaxation and comfort by providing a consistent routine for your dogs. SALUTE WALKING SERVICES does not only provide a dog walking service, it provides interaction with your dogs also. With SALUTE WALKING SERVICES we are having various pet walker services which help in providing comfort to your dog.

Keeping your Furry Fit & Happy

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Trained Walker

Dedicated Client
Relationship Manager

Dedicated Client Relationship Manager

Service Tracking
Mobile App

Service Tracking Mobile App

Back Up

Back Up Walker

What if I didn’t walk my dog?

Become lethargic

Your dog will become very lethargic without proper walk.

Aggression is increased

Keeping dogs entertained will lead to less irritation and aggression.

Anti-Social behaviour

Anti-Social behavior will be developed if your dog is not walked.

Mental health issues

Without proper care, your dog’s mental health can also get affected.

Health challenges

Changing environment can lead to various health benefits.

Change resistant

If your dog is at home all the time, they cannot explore new things.

Why pet walking is necessary?

Pet walking is very important as it helps you to maintain your dog’s health, behavior, stimulation.

Trust & Sefety

Satisfaction Gurantee 100% Money Back

Certified Vendor for Telangana & AP Police

Verified & Trained Groomers

Still have doubts on how it works?

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